Katra Awad is a self taught jewelry and print designer born in Southern California, raised traveling abroad through Mexico and Europe. She is an artist of love and a daughter to Egyptian and Hispanic parents. She spends a great deal of time designing hand made pieces from her Brooklyn studio while commuting to California often.


The Pyramidion Collection is a jewelry line inspired by the past, present and future. Each piece is a unique aesthetic derived from my imagination. This collection pays a tribute to my ancestors, "I believe our ancestors play one of the most important roles today in our existence, if it wasn't for their sacrifice we wouldn't be here today honored with the gift to create." During one of my travels someone once said to me, "It is our responsibility in life to pursue our talents to the fullest extent & make every second count." My mission is to simply express through my art and to inspire others to also utilize their art to create, heal and love.